Bill Jaffe ’60 Encourages Support for New University Art Museum with $250,000 Gift

Bill Jaffe ’60 has given $250,000 to Penn State for a new museum building. The capital project, in total, will cost about $71.1 million.

“Penn State, following President Barron’s leadership, has made a commitment to the arts at the University that I think is vital. And after hearing about the plans for the museum, I wanted to be a part of it from the start,” explained Jaffe.

Philanthropically driven, Jaffe has also helped to establish over 20 scholarships and endowments at Penn State. [PennState]

All Systems Go: A Symposium on Art, Social Systems, and Cultural Action – November 9, 2019

On Saturday, November 9 the New Museum in New York City is hosting All Systems Go: A Symposium on Art, Social Systems, and Cultural Action. This daylong symposium at the New Museum in New York City will bring together artists, scholars, and cultural leaders to discuss Hans Haacke’s artwork in Hans Haacke: All Connected.

Day passes are $40 for nonmembers and $30 for members. [New Museum]

Stanley Museum of Art Creating Space for a New Era

Gearing up for the opening of a new museum in 2020, the Stanley Museum of Art at the University of Iowa is rethinking its gallery spaces, drawing out themes in the collection, and reenvisioning the reinstallation.

Director Lauren Lessing explains, “We’re not just recreating what the museum was in 2008. Museums have completely shifted in the last decade from being elite institutions to being broad and populist institutions. From being places where you needed to speak in a very quiet voice to being sometimes loud and fun. We’re planning a reinstallation for this new way that museums function in the world.” [The University of Iowa]