National Humanities Alliance’s Study the Humanities Toolkit

Study the Humanities Toolkit – National Humanities Alliance

The Study the Humanities Toolkit is a collection of resources for higher education faculty and administrators to use in making the case for the value of studying the humanities as an undergraduate.

The first five sections of the toolkit are organized around overarching arguments for studying the humanities and the data—packaged into charts, data points, profiles, and articles—that can be used to bolster those arguments.

These five sections are:

  • Humanities Majors Outperform Others On Many Measures
  • Humanities Majors Develop the Skills that Employers Want
  • Humanities Majors Find Lucrative and Satisfying Careers
  • Humanities Majors are Leaders in a Wide Variety of Professions
  • The Benefits of Studying the Humanities Extend Far Beyond Career

Finally, the sixth section of the toolkit contains articles on the value of studying the humanities that are ripe for sharing on social media or in print.

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