Museum Communications and Events Coordinator – The Trout Gallery, Dickinson College

The Museum Communications and Events Coordinator (MCEC) is responsible for strategy, planning, and implementation of museum public relations and marketing campaigns, internal and external communications programs, and initiatives to increase public understanding of and support for The Trout Gallery’s mission and goals. This two‐year position is designed for recent graduates of M.A. programs in Museum Studies and its related fields. This opportunity will appeal to candidates who thrive in a cohesive, team‐based environment, and who are excited by the possibilities of mentoring and working collaboratively with college students. The position comes with a budget for planning an event or program directly related to the selected candidate’s preferred area of museum operations, including curatorial, community/campus events, programs, and promotions. In addition, the museum will support attendance at professional conferences and workshops to further develop the candidate’s career.


Primary Responsibilities

  1. Communications. Works with the museum director and management team to develop a communications strategy (marketing, branding, sales, advertising) that conveys the museum’s institutional vision, identity, and services to its diverse audiences on‐ and off-campus. This function requires that the MCEC coordinator research and create a proposal for such a strategic plan (to be approved by the director and management team), work with the management team to draft and edit communications copy, and implement, manage, and evaluate the communications strategy across social media, print, web, radio, video, podcasts and other communication platforms. It will aim to (a) shape and define public perception of the museum; (b) expand campus and public access to it; (c) reinforce the engagement of existing audiences; (d) develop new audiences; (e) manage and build the museum’s Friends membership; (f) multiply messaging opportunities, and (g) increase consistency and continuity of communication through such vehicles as the museum’s student engagement program, press releases, e‐newsletters, website content, hard‐copy publications, and direct correspondence.
  2. Events Planning and Execution. Coordinates planning and execution of museum events and programs, working with staff, stakeholders, caterers, and other vendors to create experiences that support the museum’s missions and goals.
  3. Student Engagement Program • Direct the museum’s student engagement program, which is designed to promote museum activities on campus. The MCEC will lead a team of approximately 30 Dickinson College students in sessions designed to increase student knowledge of and participation in the museum profession and gallery exhibitions and programs. Additionally, the MCEC collaborates with students to gather feedback on museum programs and plan student‐centered activities.
  4. Visitor Relations:. Work collaboratively with the museum’s visitor services staff to ensure the delivery of meaningful experiences and excellent service to museum volunteers, members, and guests using customer service standards set forth by museum best practices. Provide training in greeting, orienting, and personalizing visitor experiences.
  5. Internal Communications. Work with the museum’s management team on the implementation and operation of the museum’s Sales Force communication system, which the museum acquired to increase the efficiency and reduce the workload associated with the integration of events and programming, staffing, and collections management. This entails developing processes and procedures for the use of Sales Force by staff members, training new staff in its use, and overseeing daily operation among the museum’s staff, and troubleshooting problems as they arise.
  6. Institutional Research.  Collects, develops, analyzes, and communicates institutional data (e.g. attendance, visitor experience, on‐line analytics) and other information to internal staff and external constituents in order to support and enhance informed decision‐making, strategic planning, and institutional self‐assessment. Manages visitor and member information systems and distribution of museum print materials.

The MCEC supervises a core of five student assistants that support communication and events projects. Additionally, the MCEC works closely with the Education Department in planning and staffing education programs and events. The MCEC will attend Tuesday and Thursday noon meetings to coordinate student staffing and supervise Museum Ambassador training at the museum. The MCEC will contribute to student training in the areas of Visitor Experience, Social Media, Museum Promotions and Community Relations. Department: Trout Gallery

Preferred Qualifications: Education Requirements: Required Master’s Degree in Museum studies or nonprofits arts management with emphasis in marketing, events, administration. Additional Licensure Certifications: • Internship or direct professional experience in the museum profession, preferably at a small liberal arts college. • Fluency in a variety of social media platforms. • Considerable experience working with the public • Excellent writing, editing, and public speaking skills. • Knowledge of basic design and photographic tools useful. • Command of a second language desirable.



FT / 2-Year Fixed Term

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