KSMoCA: A Kid-Curated Art Museum within a Northeast Portland Public School

Thanks to Metro’s Community Placemaking Grant program in northeast Portland, OR and a partnership with Portland State University faculty members Lisa Jarrett and Harrell Fletcher, the Martin Luther King Jr. School in northeast Portland has established a contemporary art museum within the public school.  As part of KSMoCA‘s programming, students work with renowned visiting artists and take on the role of docents during public exhibitions.

“We’re offering a different kind of exposure to arts and the art world for kids,” said Lisa Jarrett, PSU Professor and co-founder/co-director of the King School Museum of Contemporary Art. “They’re not just artists, but they’re learning to be people that run museums; learning to be publicists, copywriters, docents, curators, right? All these roles that children are usually not taught about in school.”

“I don’t know how many of our students would necessarily think to be a visual artist or graphic artist or an artist of any kind as a profession,” Coleman said. This experience opens a door for MLK Jr. School students, giving them newfound confidence and an opportunity to practice public speaking,  said Yolanda Coleman, former vice principal of MLK Jr. School. (Metro News)

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