Identifying and Transforming Racism in Museum Education—Journal of Museum Education

Identifying and Transforming Racism in Museum Education

This issue comes at a particularly important moment in that many museum educators – across racial lines – are seeking scholarship to make sense of the ways in which racism shapes museum education. While there has been little written about the historical dimensions of racism in museums, nor strategies to identify and combat it, this edited issue will build on three recent collections of essays – Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today, the March 2017 issue of the Journal of Museum Education on “Race, Dialogue and Inclusion: A Museum on the National Stage,” and the upcoming volume, The Arts as White Property: Interrogating Racism within Arts in Education – that have begun to lay the ground for a more concerted effort to talk about racism in museums. To live up to their roles as spaces for civic engagement and public accessibility, museums must transform how they address institutionalized racism. As educators, we have a responsibility to be actively engaged citizens who are willing and able to bring the conditions of the world into the museums. To do so requires both an understanding of the ways in which museums can perpetuate inequality as well as how we can work to dismantle systems of injustice in our everyday practices.

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