Free RAAMP Video Content

RAAMP provides free, accessible video content on social and practical issues that affect museum professionals. Feel free to explore and get involved to participate in future videos! 

RAAMP Video Practica for Professional Development and Pedagogy

The RAAMP video practica explore the challenges that museum professionals face at their institutions, as well as the strategies, processes, and solutions they use to solve them. Videos, supplemental readings, references, and other related materials are added to the RAAMP repository of publicly accessible resources to promote discourse related to the role of academic art museums, and their contribution to the educational mission of their parent institutions. Produced by RAAMP’s stakeholders, CAA Committees, and partner organizations, these videos address topics such as assessing courses, incorporating museum collections into curriculum, advocating for your museum’s mission, and leveraging campus partnerships.
Past topics include: 

To access these, go to:
If you are interested in filming a video practicum, please contact Cali Buckley at



Our monthly gatherings give participants an opportunity to chat informally about a dedicated topic that relates to their work as academic art museum professionals and the mission of their institutions.  

If you are an academic art museum professional and would like to propose a topic for a Coffee Gathering, please contact Cali Buckley at   



To access these, go to:
If you are interested in participating in a coffee gathering, please contact Cali Buckley at 

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