Curator of Exhibitions – The University of South Carolina

Classification Title: Curator II

College/Division: College of Arts and Sciences

Department: CAS McKissick Museums

Advertised Salary Range: $33,494

Advertised Job Summary:

Oversees the intellectual and physical production of exhibits. Initiates and curates exhibits that leverage her/his particular expertise. Facilitates staff and guest-curated exhibits through production schedules, reader response, and editorial input. Authors or coordinates the writing of all interpretative materials including exhibit scripts, text panels, label copy, brochures, gallery guides, etc. Assures quality of interpretive content and aesthetic presentation. Prepares and administers professional evaluation tools for exhibits and makes any necessary changes to content or physical display. Coordinates the overall exhibits program, including on-site, traveling, and offsite exhibits. This includes working with the professional staff, faculty, students, and guest curators to develop interdisciplinary concepts, formulate interpretive plans; advance the Museum’s team approach to exhibit development and production; and promote object-based pedagogy throughout UofSC. Suggests relevant faculty and/or subject experts, helps formulate advisory panels/groups, attends meetings and provides these groups/individuals with all requested materials. Provides assistance and guidelines related to exhibit development, production and conservation to ensure compliance with federal, state and University policies and procedures. Oversees all fabrication, construction, and mounting of exhibits, includes carpentry, painting, and framing of artwork and display panels. Prepares display mounts, and installation of AV-components. Works with outside fabricators/contractors as well as facilities personnel. Uses a variety of professional installation tools.Prepares annual and project budget requests for exhibits and submits them to director. Works with director to formulate and submit funding requests/grant proposal in a timely manner for exhibits and relevant projects as assigned and submits them to federal agencies, private foundations, individuals, businesses or corporations. Adheres to budget procedures on funded proposals. Monitors expenses, secures bids and estimates on needed services and materials in a timely manner. Works with museum business manager to make sure all university guidelines, policies and procedures are followed. Conducts research into topics relevant to the museum’s exhibits program. Remains knowledgeable on all areas of museum research and collecting. Works with curator of collections and chief curator of folklife and fieldwork to promote and utilize the permanent collection.Meets all professional conservation and security standards for the display of museum objects. Remains up to date on current conservation standards. Regularly reviews temperature and humidity reports and reports any concerns to Exhibitions and Collections Manager. Installs light filters as necessary to achieve desired light levels. Evaluates security needs of each exhibit on display and/or being shipped. Makes sure all appropriate devices are used and monitored such as security plates and screws. Participates in overall administration and strategic initiatives of the museum. Participates in all planning and evaluation activities. Monitors strategic objectives relating to the exhibits program. Chairs exhibits committee and suggests modifications/changes to the exhibit planning process.

Advertised Minimum Qualifications :

Master’s degree in history, museology or a related field; or bachelor’s degree and 2 years related experience.

Full/Part Time: Full Time

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