Curator of Academic Engagement – Colorado College

Application Deadline: 10/1/18

Position Title: Curator of Academic Engagement

Position Type: Exempt, Full-Time

Summary Description: Serving as primary point of contact for CC faculty and students at the Museum, the Curator is responsible for maintaining and growing an active, ongoing program of faculty engagement, including facilitating, developing and delivering a wide range of meaningful opportunities for teaching and learning at the Museum; serves as a general resource for pedagogical expertise, presenting new approaches to and understandings of visual objects in compelling and impactful ways to a diverse college community.


• Work intensively with faculty to integrate the Museum resources (collections, exhibitions, events, Faculty Fellows, visiting artists, and visiting scholars) into curricula in all divisions; expand faculty and student engagement through sustained relationships with the Museum for academic and research purposes; synchronize and facilitate interdisciplinary vantage points to create intellectually rich and accessible learning opportunities; collaborate and partner with Museum staff to ensure efficient and well supported teaching opportunities for faculty.
• Support CC faculty in their existing courses and classroom projects as requested by offering workshops, in-class lectures, demonstrations, and other content including written and digital materials and in-gallery activities.
• Develop, evaluate, and refine gallery-based academic support and pedagogical programming that meets the specific learning objectives of academic programs; organize and participate in faculty development opportunities focused on museum teaching and learning.
• Oversee the UnBlocked Gallery program of course-related exhibitions and faculty projects; work closely with collections and gallery preparatory staff to supervise the logistics associated with these projects; perform assessment.
• As a member of the Museum Education team, enhance education initiatives by: collaborating on interpretive programs for Museum exhibitions; developing staff expertise and contributions to Academic Engagement; interfacing with other CC departments and programs on projects.
• Collaborate with curatorial staff for all exhibitions to develop interpretative materials that meet academic needs and create educational programs that support inquiry-based, experiential and cross-disciplinary learning opportunities for diverse audiences; engage with Artist in Residence to support academic connections.
• Supervise, coordinate, and develop the Student Guide program in the museum.
• Stay current on research and approaches to teaching, learning and experiential engagement in a museum setting; maintain engagement with scholarship on and professional practices in academic curation and objects-based learning.
• Oversee budgets and maintain accurate records, evaluations, and metrics for the Academic Engagement program; participate in grants and funding projects as appropriate.
• Support faculty curation projects and participate in teaching courses in museum studies track as requested.

Additional Responsibilities: 

o Support and actively contribute to the goal of achieving greater diversity, inclusion and equity at Colorado College and work effectively with all members of the campus community. Position the Museum as an active member of a dynamically diverse and inclusive community.
o Promote a culture of safety and environmental protection by working in a safe manner; immediately reporting unsafe situations and accidents; following college procedures; and participating in appropriate safety training.
o Demonstrate environmental sustainability by using college resources wisely and supporting the college’s sustainability initiatives and innovation.
o Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications: 

Master’s degree in museum education, museum studies, or another related field plus three years of museum and higher education experience; knowledge of curatorial practice; strong customer service, critical thinking and visual literacy skills, excellent oral and written skills with public presentation skills; project management skills, including ability to plan and organize multiple projects, prioritize duties, meet deadlines, manage budgets. Strong orientation toward collaborative and interdisciplinary work; ability to work both independently and collectively in a fast-paced team-oriented environment; excellent interpersonal skills and cultural competence; must handle confidential/sensitive information with discretion; proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Suite. Must be able to perform prolonged standing and walking.

Preferred Qualifications: 

Ph.D.; education/teaching experience in an academic museum and or higher education institution; familiarity with museum education pedagogies such as Visual Thinking Strategies; knowledge of museum collection management software such as TMS; object handling and installation skills.

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