Christian Viveros-Fauné Named USF Contemporary Art Museum’s New Curator at Large

University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum Appoints Christian Viveros-Fauné Curator at Large—Artforum

The University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum (USFCAM) has announced that Christian Viveros-Fauné joined the museum as curator at large on August 7. He will also serve as the 2018–2019 Kennedy Family Visiting Scholar at the USF School of Art and Art History. The well-known critic, curator, and former dealer’s inaugural exhibition at USFCAM “Miki Kratsman: People I Met,” the Israeli conceptual photographer’s first solo show in the US, opened on August 20. Continue reading “Christian Viveros-Fauné Named USF Contemporary Art Museum’s New Curator at Large”

Nasher Museum of Art Welcomes Julia K. McHugh as Curator of Academic Initiatives

New Carmichael Curator Julia McHugh at Home With Museum’s Ancient Americas Art

More than 500 years ago, artisans in the Inca Empire mastered the production of cumbi, a finely woven tapestry cloth made from the highest quality alpaca fibers. Textiles were the earliest art forms in Peruvian culture, well before the Spanish Conquest of 1532.

This story is the subject of a book in preparation by Julia McHugh, “Dressing Andean Spaces: Textiles, Painting, and Architecture in the Colonial Imagination,” also the subject of her doctoral dissertation in 2017 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Nasher Museum’s rich collection of Peruvian textiles was a big draw for McHugh, who was appointed Trent A. Carmichael Curator of Academic Initiatives and will start the position Aug. 1. McHugh brings expertise in ancient American art to Duke for the first time in 25 years.

“Julia is a rising star and we’re very lucky that she is coming to Duke,” said Sarah Schroth, Mary D.B.T. and James H. Semans Director of the Nasher Museum. “Her expertise in the ancient and colonial Americas means she will make extensive use of our rich collection of Central and South American objects, including thousand-year-old Mayan cylinder vases, Nazca pottery and Peruvian textiles. With a thorough grounding in many areas of art and museum studies, she will be able to bridge all of our museum collections with a wide range of teaching disciplines. With Julia’s guidance, faculty and students will make unexpected and thrilling connections to art.”

Open Position: Curator of Collections, Wake Forest University Art Collections

Curator of Collections, Office of the Provost

For information about Wake Forest University and to apply for this position, please visit our careers website.

The Office of the University Art Collections at Wake Forest University seeks an energetic, ambitious, and engaged Curator of Collections who will oversee all aspects of the University’s art collections. The curator directs the development, care, and use of the University’s collections. The successful candidate will combine the organizational skills and attention to detail of a collections manager with the vision and cross-disciplinary interests essential to academic outreach. Continue reading “Open Position: Curator of Collections, Wake Forest University Art Collections”

US Tribal Colleges Receive a Major Cultural Gift

Major cultural legacy donated to 12 U.S. Tribal colleges

A major U.S. foundation, group of private donors, and Christopher Cardozo Fine Art are donating complete sets of an artisanal Republication of The North American Indian by Edward Curtis to 12 tribal colleges. The donation includes several hundred contemporary Curtis photographs, and a curated, digital collection of materials originally created by Edward Curtis for his landmark photoethnographic publication. With an aggregate value of over $500,000, the donation is being made in recognition of the 10,000 Native Americans who collaborated in the creation of the original publication, and to support current efforts by Native people to reconnect with their history, culture, and traditions.

Stephen J. Kim Appointed Associate Director for Information and Technology at Princeton University Art Museum Appoints

Princeton University Art Museum Appoints Stephen J. Kim Associate Director for Information and Technology

Stephen J. Kim, who has previously held managerial positions at Microsoft and Verizon, will join the Princeton University Art Museum in New Jersey as associate director for information and technology on September 4.

In his new role, Kim will oversee the team responsible for the museum’s online presence, which includes digital initiatives, collections management, digital asset creation and management, and application development. He will also lead ongoing projects that provide digital access to the museum’s collections and exhibitions for students, faculty, and scholars around the world.

Famed Houston Photojournalist Donates 15,000 Works to the University of Houston’s Special Collections

Famed Houston Photographer Donates Work to UH Special Collections

World-renowned Houston photojournalist Janice Rubin was preparing to donate a sizeable part of her collection to the University of Houston when Hurricane Harvey hit. The storm that drenched a portion of her prized photography only motivated Rubin to work faster to preserve what survived.

“I was beginning slowly to scan things with the idea that some day the archive would come to the University,” said Rubin, who chose UH after a tour of the UH Libraries Special Collections. “I would have gone much, much slower. It might have taken me 10 years to do what I did in a year.”

AAMC Webinar: Models for International Research & Collaboration

AAMC Webinar: Models for International Research & Collaboration

How can museums meaningfully pursue original research across national borders? How can international collaborations question and expand the canonical narratives of art history? What are the practical challenges of international partnerships? This webinar seeks to address these questions through a survey of different models for international collaboration and a discussion of their different research outcomes.

This webinar is FREE and open to AAMC members only. Join or renew now to attend!

There are a limited amount of spots available. Registration is required. Continue reading “AAMC Webinar: Models for International Research & Collaboration”

The University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art Receives Gift from Contemporary Artists Hung Liu and David Salgado

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art receives a transformative gift from artist Hung Liu and master printer David Salgado—ArtDaily

Renowned contemporary Chinese artist Hung LIU (LIU Hung 刘虹) and Trillium Graphics master printer David Salgado have donated 55 works of art to the University of Oregon’s Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art that exemplify the innovative mixed-media techniques they developed in which printed and painted elements are embedded in layers of resin to evocative, gestural effect.

“The JSMA’s traditional Chinese collection forms the foundation of our holdings, but we have few works by contemporary Chinese artists,” says Jill Hartz, JSMA Executive Director. “This is a truly transformative gift that will strengthen our collection and enhance both research and teaching by our curators, faculty, and students for years to come.”

RAAMP Coffee Gathering: Models of Curricular Exhibitions

Join us Tuesday, August 21 at 1:30 PM (EST) for the next RAAMP Coffee Gathering: Models of Curricular Exhibitions.

Curricular exhibitions have the power to engage with the intellectual life of the university while also connecting to the broader public. Tethered to an academic course, these projects can vary widely and be driven by students as well as faculty. Join us to discuss models, strategies, challenges, and outcomes for these projects. Participants are invited to come with a case study to share.

The discussion will be led by Berit Ness, Assistant Curator for Academic Initiatives at the Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago.

Continue reading “RAAMP Coffee Gathering: Models of Curricular Exhibitions”

Call for Contributions to RAAMP

RAAMP (Resources for Academic Art Museum Professionals) aims to strengthen the educational mission of academic art museums by providing a publicly accessible repository of resources, online forums, and relevant news and information.

With new resources added daily, we welcome contributions to our online archive. Resources can include but are not limited to: museum strategic plans; campaigns for outreach to campus communities; news and announcements about new programs, exhibitions, or staff appointments; and strategies for diversity and inclusion in the academic art museum. You may also provide tips on funding opportunities, exhibition design guidelines, advocacy, and more.

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