RAAMP panel “Risk and Innovation in Curatorial Practice at University Art Museums” at the CAA Annual Conference 2020

At the CAA Annual Conference 2020 RAAMP sponsored the session “Risk and Innovation in Curatorial Practice at University Art Museums.” Issa Lampe spoke  about the exhibition “Smart to the Core: Embodying the Self.” Kathleen E.B. Berzock from the The Block Museum of Art shared a talk on “Caravans of Gold, Fragments of Time: Art, Culture, Exchange across Medieval Saharan Africa.” Kymberly N. Pinder of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design shared images of “Necessary Force: Art in the Police State” at the University of New Mexico Fine Arts Museum. Eunice Bélidor, Director of the FOFA Gallery at the University of Concordis presented on the exhibition “Over My Black Body” at the Glarie L’Quam of the Université du Québec à Montréal.


Myaamia Ribbonwork in Ohio

The Miami University Art Museum and Sculpture Park will feature the exhibition “Myaamia Ribbonwork,” showing works of the Miami people of Oklahoma. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Myaamia Center on campus at Miami University and the Miami University Art Museum. [Journal-News]

Chinese Art in Chicago

The shared exhibition The Allure of Matter: Material Art from China will be on view at Wrightwood 659 (659 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60614) and the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago (5550 S Greenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60637) through May 3, 2020.