Penn Museum Redesign Aims Beyond Academics

The Penn Museum, geared towards becoming “a more public institution” has reinstalled its galleries with thousands of artifacts that have previously been in storage.

The museum has also created a program for immigrants and refugees from Africa, Central America, Mexico, Iraq, and Syria to guide visitors through the museum and speak about the collections of antiquities from their native countries. [The New York Times]

CFP: ArCo 2020 (Florence, 28-29 May 20)

Subject: CFP: ArCo 2020 (Florence, 28-29 May 20)

Dipartimento di Architettura (DiDA) of the Florence University (UNIFI), Florence, May 28 – 29, 2020
Deadline: Sep 15, 2019

ArCo 2020, 1st International Conference on Art Collections (1stArCo): Cultural Heritage, Safety and Digital Innovation.

ArCo is an International Conference dedicated to innovative experiences in Museum and Art Collections.

The Artistic goods represent a priceless asset of our cultural capital, they play a crucial role in defining and understanding the identity of communities. Nevertheless, they are not always adequately protected against possible dangers and hazards or the time effects. In these last decades, new technologies – such as digital control, 3D reconstructions, etc. – have experienced great developments even in their application to art collections, increasing the monitoring activities, the safety checking, and their interface with the community. This Conference wishes to collect contributions from different areas for the preservation, the enhancement, and the protection of the art goods exhibited in the Museums.

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Attend GIFT @ Europeana 2019 in Lisbon

On Wednesday 27 November from 10:00 to 15:00 you can hear the latest news from the GIFT project and test out some of their engaging tools firsthand in the National Library of Portugal.

What is GIFT?

GIFT is a cross-disciplinary collaboration between museums, artists and researchers to develop designs that enhance visitor experiences. Working closely with museums and their public, GIFT has been creating tools that facilitate interactive experiences in the museum. By merging the digital and the physical, these hybrid museum experiences provide innovative ways for you to engage the public with your collections. Continue reading “Attend GIFT @ Europeana 2019 in Lisbon”

Institutional Development with Rebecca Nagy

In this first segment of RAAMP’s video practica, Hunter O’Hanian, Executive Director at CAA, speaks with Rebecca Nagy, Director of the Harn Museum of Art, about the museum’s institutional advancement. In the interview, O’Hanian and Nagy discuss the museum’s tactics in attracting visitors from not only the University of Florida, but also the community at large. Nagy expresses the importance of fundraising and creating partnerships with the different colleges on campus and schools in the area. Nagy also gives advice on creating a fundraising program.

Faculty Engagement with Eric Segal

In this installment, Eric Segal, Director of Education and Curator of Academic Programs at the Harn Museum of Art, talks about the strategies and techniques that the museum employs to engage faculty. Segal explains the museum’s broad range of relationship-building initiatives: one-on-one meetings with professors to find curricular ties with the collection, faculty curated exhibitions, and involving the campus community in exhibition advisory meetings.

Professional Development Initiatives

In this installment of RAAMP’s video practicum, Eric Segal, Director of Education and Curator of Academic Programs at the Harn Museum of Art outlines the museum’s professional development initiatives for students. The museum offers a seasoned internship program and range of artist-in-residence opportunities to students studying a variety of disciplines.