CAA Standards and Guidelines

CAA Standards and Guidelines: Regarding the Hiring of Guest Curators by Museums

In the relations between a museum and a guest curator, a contract that establishes the rights and responsibilities of both parties is essential to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. When they collaborate on a project, a museum and a guest curator each make substantial contributions based on their respective strengths. A guest curator may bring to a project original ideas, scholarly expertise, curatorial experience, and unique contacts in a field. A museum brings institutional resources and experience in mounting an exhibition. When a guest curator and a museum work together in developing an exhibition, they are engaged in a collaborative process.

CAA Directories of Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts and Art History

CAA’s final 2017 editions of Graduate Programs in Art History and Graduate Programs in the Visual Arts are resources collected from institutions that feature information about 500+ graduate programs in 300 schools in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. Together, the volumes provide detailed information about graduate programs in fine art and design, art and architectural history, curatorial studies, arts administration, and more.

CAA Guidelines for Addressing Proposed Substantive Changes to an art, Art History or Design Unit or Program at Colleges and Universities

CAA developed these guidelines in response to many high-profile reductions or closures of arts and humanities departments, institutions, or faculty positions by colleges and universities. The guidelines provide a path for open communication between faculty and administration, and call for a deeper understanding of the factors and issues that have precipitated the action to close a department or program.

CAA Intellectual Property Guidelines

CAA seeks to offer educational programs and opportunities for discussion and debate in response to copyright legislation affecting educators, scholars, museum professionals, and artists.

CAA Jobs Page

CAA’s philosophy is to create a lifetime context for thinking about a career, because a healthy working life is multifaceted and complex and involves more than one strategy to accomplish one’s goals. CAA presents programs and services for members at all stages of their careers.

CAA Listing of Recent Dissertations in the Visual Arts

Each year, CAA publishes titles of dissertations in-progress and completed during the previous academic year.

CAA Resource Directory for Diversity Practices

The Resource Directory for Diversity Practices, compiled by the Committee on Diversity Practices, provides a range of materials that is useful for incorporating issues about diversity in its various forms into the classroom.

CAA Standards and Guidelines for Academic Programs

These Standards and Guidelines, relating to professional practices for the fields of art and art history, have been published formally since 1973.