Art Studio Assistant – Bethel University

Job Summary

Responsible to oversee the maintenance of all nine art and design studios, the Seminary Senior Studio space, as well as the Olson and Johnson Galleries on campus.


Equipment/ Studios
1. Maintain and organize current equipment, including repairs or painting as needed
2. Build specialized equipment for studio and gallery use
3. Research new equipment and materials for studio and department use
4. Coordinate purchases and installation of new equipment
5. Ceramics Studio Maintenance: Clay recycling, equipment maintenance, firing assistance (about 10 hours per week)
6. Student Related: consult with students about materials, processes, techniques and equipment for individual student projects
7. Submit work orders to FacMan as needed


Health/ Safety
1. Insure all spaces are OSHA compliant
2. Maintain SDS information (Safety Data Sheets), update online database
3. Safety demonstrations for students to use power tools and shop equipment
4. Weekly inspection of all eye-wash and first aid stations
5. Stock First Aid and safety supplies as needed
6. Coordinate annual safety inspection for each studio (crane)
7. Manage all Hazardous Materials and coordinate waste pickup
8. Update manuals, safety information, and safety signs in all studio spaces

Purchasing/ Inventory
1. Purchase and track inventory of consumable materials for studio courses as requested by faculty for classes
2. Conduct regular inventory of all departmental equipment
3. Pick up materials as needed
4. Maintain license for Bethel Vehicles

1. Assist Gallery director with artwork installation, both in galleries and Permanent Collection
2. Assist in moving and storing pedestals, shipping crates, and other large gallery items
3. Assist with installation of Audio-Visual and specialized equipment

Required Skills

1. Ability to work tactfully and effectively with professional artists and art students
2. Assist the department chair in carrying out responsibilities in the areas of purchasing, inventory, maintenance, repair, security, and building of special equipment
3. Supervise studio shop
4. Work with students, introduce them to the safe use of specialized equipment and studio related health and safety issues
5. Conduct regular surveys and inventories of departmental equipment to ensure their availability and safe operation
6. Complete search, purchase, and installation of replacement/ new equipment
7. Coordinate repair or replacement of defective equipment
8. Build special equipment for studios and gallery use
9. Write and update manuals for major shop equipment (table saw, laser cutter, etc.)
10. Work in tandem with Facilities Management staff

Required Experience

Prefer related employment experience, preferably in an artistic setting, including maintenance and operation of shop equipment, light machinery, hand tools, and other art-related equipment and materials.

Required Education

Requires studio arts background with BA, BFA, AA, trade school, apprenticeship or equivalent experience.

Additional Information

Must be able to handle physical tasks, heavy lifting, and must have knowledge of tools and building methods.

This is a 30 hours per week, 10 months per year job (Aug 15 – June 15). May require some overtime.

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