‘A Fellow at Work’: Artist Mario Moore’s work presents black campus workers in new light

In a feature article, Princeton University’s 2018-2019 Hodder Fellow Mario Moore speaks about his exhibition, The Work of Several Lifetimes, which is now on view at the Lewis Center for the Arts.

His work features portraits of African American men and women who work (or worked) at Princeton: security guards from the Princeton University Art Museum, the Rockefeller-Mathey dining hall, the Lewis Center, and the athletics department.  In an interview about his subjects, he responded:

“When I was a student, even an undergrad … the people that I talked to most were like, dining, and security, and custodians. They really become a type of family. I wanted the painting to be about their workplace, and to kind of put them in the position of power, and some type of attempt of royalty, or appreciation.”

The Work of Several Lifetimes is on view through November 17, 2019, in the Hurley Gallery.  [Princeton University]

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